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Hot Lemon & Honey
Expert: DeVrye, Catherine

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Catherine DeVrye's Reflections for success in times of change

Are you so busy running around in circles that you don't have time to stop and think about what you're trying to achieve at work and in your life? Leading motivational speaker Catherine DeVrye shares her insights on how to make your professional and personal life more meaningful and effective.

 Following the success of her previous best sellers, Catherine DeVrye has written another easy to read book that offers encouragement to everyone in the workplace today. The easy to read format contains a series of quotable quotes that have been expanded to 52 short, easy to read feel good chapters-with an inspirational thought for every week of the year.

It’s a book you can read in a short time to gain long-term benefits and motivation for both your organization and yourself. Written specifically for today’s busy employee or employer, you’ll probably prefer to digest it one bite at a time; to savor the truth in the timeless words of wisdom, presented in a modern day context.

It’s a collection of modern day business philosophy to inspire the reader who would usually be too busy to be bothered with ideas; ideas which impact their professional and personal lives; ideas which touch the heart and the head; ideas which make a difference if we take time to look at things differently. 

We’re so busy being busy that we hardly have time to think about what it is that we’re actually trying to achieve in our work and our lives. As you reflect on the common sense relevance of these simple thoughts, you’ll discover that it’s possible to make your life worth living as your living is being made.

"...this book can lead you on the road to success" - Sir Edmund Hillary

 "I found this book full of inspiration, valuable insights and useful information - vitamins for my mind and soul. I believe
everyone will benefit from a daily dose" -Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul)

About the author: Catherine DeVrye, former Australian Executive Woman of the Year, is a leading global speaker on customer service and managing change and has presented on 5 continents to a wide variety of audiences, from small business and Fortune 500 companies to government organizations and Olympic athletes. She has cycled over the Andes , climbed Mt Kilimanjaro.














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