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Take Away Training Series - NEW!

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24 NEW titles have been added to the best selling Australian-made, TAKE AWAY TRAINING,  a series of programmes on DVD providing managers and staff with techniques, advice and ideas on key workplace issues.

Following the success of the original and current series featuring 76 titles, each ranging from 14 to 23 minutes in duration, psychologists, Eve Ash and Peter Quarry have created 24 exciting new programmes with advice and techniques on workplace issues.  These NEW programmes are ideal for learning resource centres, training sessions and managers' own bookshelves.

All programmes, both new and older,  are featured on this site within their respective categories or as complete series, The Original Take Away Training Series or THe NEW Take Away Training Series.

Each one available for independent purchase, or as a series. Multiple title discount applies.

Once you have seen and used one in your training, you will want to use others time and time again!


10 Employability Attributes & Skills
Learn about the 5 key attributes and 5 core skills that make anyone more employable and more effective in their work. Essential viewing for job seekers and recruiters.

10 Powerful Networking Skills
Learn how to become more successful with your networking by implementing ten powerful skills. Discover whether you are a passive, active or proactive networker.

15 Ways to Relieve Stress
Different stress management techniques work for different people. Go through the range offered here and you will be certain to find some that will work for you!

6 Essential Steps to Getting That New Job 
Thinking of changing your job? Or been applying for positions but not having any success? Then, this program is for you!

6 Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects
Become more empowered with the development tips delivered in this program. Grab control of your career with these practical techniques and watch your prospects grow!
6 Ways to Build Rapport
Learn useful ways for creating a bond and connection – regardless of whether you are in sales, service or any other role that involves person to person contact.

6 Ways to Increase Job Satisfaction
If you are not happy in your job, it’s up to you to do something about it. Learn practical and realistic strategies for making your job more satisfying, rewarding and meaningful.

6 Ways to Manage Overload
Discover what you can do to manage overload in your work and life. Identify some constructive changes to improve your efficiency, productivity and well-being.

7 Key Sales Skills
Avoid the classic mistakes and learn the essential skills to help you succeed in sales. Ideal for face-to-face selling and telephone sales.

7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss
Stop complaining and start working on solving the problem. Learn seven specific strategies to help with even the most challenging boss.

Adult Learning Principles
Are you involved in designing or delivering training and education to adults? If so, then make sure you discover how adults learn best and avoid the common mistakes often made.

Advanced Sales Techniques
This program shows how to overcome six typical challenges faced by experienced sales people. A great way to encourage positive sales skills and behaviours.

An Introduction to Business Ethics
Find out why companies are concerned about ethics and what they are doing. Learn how to handle an ethical dilemma if confronted with one.

Best Practice Workplace Checklist
Leaders need to create excellent workplaces where people are satisfied and productivity is high. Find out the top ten strategies to ensure your workplace is ‘best practice’.

Dealing with Trauma & Distress
This program provides an understanding of trauma and the symptoms and the impact of post-traumatic stress. A useful resource to help anyone at work explore the best ways to manage it.

Developing Emotional Competence
The concept of Emotional Intelligence has taken the world by storm. But what is it and how do you develop it? Get the simple, practical answers in this program.

Giving Up Bad Habits
Do you have a problem with eating, drinking, drugs or have difficulty saying ‘no’? Maybe you are a procrastinator or control freak. Whatever your bad habit, this program will show you the steps to get over it.

How to Make a Five Star Impression
Learn how to make a powerful impression anywhere, any time. Ideal for those in sales or service, trainers, presenters, people going for job interviews, and anyone trying to influence others

How to Manage & Motivate a Sales Team
Sales managers all need to implement the seven essential skills covered in this program to ensure the success of their sales team. Find out how to encourage best performance.

Manage Change Successfully
Learn the four personal qualities to successfully manage change as well as the planning and implementation skills required. Find out how to gain commitment and overcome resistance.

Managing Aggression in the Workplace
This program explores how to prevent aggression at work and how to reduce risk and/or manage it when it happens. A must for everyone who wants a safe and healthy workplace.

Staying Happy & Positive Throughout Life
We all want to be happy, yet this simple goal often feels so hard to achieve. Find out if you are really happy and learn a range of practical techniques, based on university research, that will put a smile back on your face.

The Art of Questioning
Discover how to be interesting, engaging and effective when asking questions. Learn various forms of questions, how best to combine them, and even how to use questions to motivate.

The Psychology of Saying Sorry
Find out why people have such difficulty apologizing when something has gone wrong. Discover the benefits of apologizing and learn the simple dos and don’ts. Includes a special section on forgiveness!

Understanding & Dealing with Depression 
Depression is a growing problem affecting many people. This important program explains depression, its symptoms and causes and what to do if  you, or someone you know, suffers from it.


DVD - Interview discussion style
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