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Compatibility Communication System (CCS)

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This great system is used to help people describe and understand their lived experiences and to apply what they discover to the professional or personal task at hand.

Importantly the CCS helps individuals readily tap into their well of knowledge – both tacit and explicit. And it helps people in groups, teams and one-on-ones to quickly identify common and unique views, and to understand and connect deeply with one another.

THE CCS or Compatibility Communication System, is a paper and software based card sort system for improving the effectiveness of face-to-face communication and self-discovery.

In fact, by varying the topics and selection and recording processes, this disarmingly simple tool can be used to profoundly impact the quality of almost any communication experience.

Originating from a clever and entertaining board game, the CCS has grown to become a tool of choice for face-to-face communication and self-reflective experiences.     NOW AVAILABLE from Matrix Plus, it has been used in more than 70 countries around the world – crossing all manner of language and cultural boundaries – in programs for education, training, organisational and human resource development, team management, coaching, counselling and self discovery...


The CCS is a complete face-to-face communication system made up from a number of individual paper and software-based components that work together to:

  • give participants a compact and enjoyable way to uncover, clarify and record their thoughts and feelings
  • provide facilitators with tools to highlight choices, direct attention and provide hardcopy records or session results.

The system is most commonly purchased as one of our range of CCS Master Kits. All Master Kits include the comprehensive CCS Facilitators Manual 2nd Ed and various combinations of vision packs, vision stickers, jumbo vision packs and software.

Click through to the Master kit that most suits your organisational needs:

CCS Self-Discovery Kit
Take a journey of self discovery with this kit that guides you  through 3 prfound self directed activities
CCS Master Kit 2
A base kit for professional coaches, counsellors & managers
CCS Master Kit 12
Recommended for a minimum first purchase for professionals working with group sizes of up to 12 participants
CCS Master Kit 24
The ideal kit for professional faclitators. Everything you need for up to 24 Participants

Each Kit contains a varied quantity of the following components:

The CCS Facilitators ManualCCS facilitators manual 2nd Edition: The definitive reference for the system and a must for all serious CCS facilitators. The manual is included in all CCS master kits. Master Kit users can purchase additional copies.

CCS vision packsCCS vision packs: CCS vision packs are the foundation of the CCS. Each high quality playing-card-sized pack consists of 52 specially selected photographs, illustrations and words. Each participant is given a full vision pack to use throughout the activity.

CCS vision stickersCCS vision stickers: CCS vision stickers are used to give participants an easy, effective and permanent way to record their CCS choices in any CCS enhanced session. Vision stickers are available to all customers.

CCS jumbo vision packsCCS jumbo vision packs: Jumbo sized (30 x 19 cm) CCS vision packs a must have component in all CCS group processes and an impactful addition to CCS opener and stimulator activities.


Each kit, with the exception of the Self-Discovery Kit , comes with a "Get Started Right Away" mini kit 



WHETHER you are a professional facilitator, trainer, manager, group leader or teacher, you will find the CCS to be a superlative tool for building genuine team spirit, isolating key issues, motivating action, encouraging exchange of ideas, creating shared visions, and preparing learners to learn. And if that's not enough, the CCS will add efficiency, support and enjoyment to even your most difficult of sessions.

The CCS group process is a widely applicable and frequently liberating step-by-step method for eliciting a common set of ideals from groups and teams.

In all situations the group process begins with the individual and works outwards – via small sub-groups – towards the whole group. The aim is to maximise the contribution of ideas through interaction and dialogue and to secure personal and emotional commitment from all members of the group.


TO be most effective, one-on-one experiences such as coaching, counselling, mentoring, managing and active listening, require the facilitator to establish a ‘safe space’ for candid communication. A space in which the exchange is seen and felt to be between equals with the core purpose of understanding one another.

The CCS is ideal for creating this space quickly and easily. And we have a number of processes that can be combined or used alone to deliver superlative one-on-one experiences.
As a tool for one-on-one encounters the CCS offers a way to:

  • easily create a non-threatening and trusting atmosphere
    improve listening, questioning and probing
  • encourage diversity, spontaneity and non-judgement
  • provide opportunities for deepening understanding and critical reflection
  • visually capture the outcomes from a session


YOUR true potential may truly be beyond words!

Did you know that your unconscious mind holds knowledge and abilities that your conscious mind does not even have the words to describe? This is your tacit knowledge - your unspoken potential – and tapping this tacit knowledge is a key to a richer more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Tapping your tacit knowledge can lead to:

  • a feeling of elation, passion and discovery
  • personal clarity and understanding
  • a sense of purpose and possibility
  • willpower and intrinsic motivation
  • more rewarding, more creative and inventive thinking
  • a sense of relief, happiness and pride.


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