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New Workshop: Race to Win - Solve Your Impossible Problems - Fast!

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Competitors are becoming more aggressive, customers are becoming more demanding, shareholders are demanding increasing profits: so companies must either increase revenue or increase productivity. However, increasing revenue and productivity is getting harder.

Companies have implemented the easy productivity gains and removed the easy costs. To be more successful, companies have to innovate, to deliver higher value to their customers and higher value to their shareholders. To be more successful, they need to solve impossible problems that prevent progress.
However, each year companies have to do more with less: more with less money, more with less people and more with less time. Time is often the scarcest resource, so companies need to solve their impossible problems — fast.

Workshop Outline
R             Refining            Challenging ideas
            Advancing        Communicating ideas  
C             Creating            Generating ideas
E              Executing         Implementing ideas


Work faster and better as an individual and as a team.
Deploy solutions faster than your competitors.


Spending just one and a half days will:
Improve productivity by understanding how to be more effective when solving business problems—fast.
Accelerate results with a process for solving impossible business problems—fast.

Working better, working faster
Using the insights gained, you will learn to work better and faster when:
•  Communicating
•  Setting priorities
•  Managing Time
•  Delivering results

When working on problems, time is short. Using a proven profile, you will gain insights into how you work and how to work better and faster with others.
As you solve your impossible problems—fast, you need to work more effectively during different stages of the process.
The insights from the profile will help you work more effectively as you solve your impossible problem—fast.

Solving Your Impossible Problems — Fast

Based on the foundations of understanding yourself and how to produce results faster, we introduce a process to select and solve your impossible problems in a day.
During the process, you will have fun as you work in teams to create ideas for action: fast and select ideas for action: fast.
This proven process, used by professional services, financial services and pharmaceutical companies, produces breakthrough ideas—fast.


Gary Peacock
A specialist in improving and sustaining business performance, Gary works with senior managers on strategic issues to change private and public organisations to produce better results.
He holds a Masters degree from Cranfield and an MBA from AGSM.
Gary teaches Change Management online at the Australian Graduate School of Management. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management.
Gary is the co-creator of The Idea Pack and co-author of the best-selling business book The Persuasive Presenter.
Based on research and experience, Bennelong Publishing provide practical tools and insights in workshops to produce better business results.

Keith Ayers
Keith Ayers is the CEO of Intégro Leadership Institute LLC. In 2008 Leadership Excellence Magazine awarded Keith and Intégro Leadership Institute a place in the top 20 for "Best in Leadership Development".
His expertise is in working with executive teams— in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and the US — to help create high performance culture based on high trust and personal responsibility. Keith has created processes to get all employees committed to achieving outstanding results. Keith is the author of the book Engagement is Not Enough: You Need Passionate Employees to Achieve Your Dream, published by Elevate in 2008.

Cost;            $1,195* (incl GST) *Discounts apply for more than 1 person from your organisation
Includes:     1.5 day workshop, The Idea Pack for solving your impossible problems – fast, and your own Team Talents Assessment integrated into a personalised workbook.

Upcoming Dates and Locations
Sydney 1.5 days
MGSM, Pitt St, Sydney CBD
Day 1  30th November 2010         9am-5pm
Day 2    1st December 2010         9am-12.30pm
Melbourne 1.5 days
Cliftons, Collins St, Melbourne CBD
Day 1    15th February 2011           9am-5pm
Day 2     16th February 2011          9am-12.30pm

To register,                           please contact Matrix Plus 1300 88 2063   OR
                Leigh Edwards on: p| 02 8977 0200 or e|
                                                 Payment by Credit Card or Direct Debit
                                                 (Payment to be made to Integro Learning Company Pty Ltd)








1.5 Day Workshop. The Idea Pack. Team Talents Assessment integrated into a Personalised Workbook.

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